Dating vintage jewelry

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Dating vintage jewelry

The best jewelry detectives know that leftover components from earlier periods were sometimes used by frugal jewelry manufacturers, however, and clasps might have been replaced over time as well.

It measures approximately 1 inches across and 1 inches tall. As blue as the Caribbean ocean, the aurora borealis rhinestone marquise cut stones radiate subtle colors from the environment, just as a sun sparkled ocean!

It is a beautiful gold tone with 3 large chaton cut citrine yellow rhinestones. #715075 .00 A gorgeous blue brooch with foiled art glass cabochons that are round, oval and pear shaped. issues: slight pitting in the gold tone finish (maybe able to buff out).

Also present are chaton & pear cut aurora borealis rhinestones. #3210913 .00 A classy gold tone retro modern bow brooch marked Coro in script. #207107 #18.00 A pretty golden skeleton key brooch with a heart guilloche enamel Rose. #2191015 .00 A stunning dimensional bell flower or Lily of the Valley brooch marked with CORO in block letters. #902124 .00 A cute gold tone Leaf brooch with plastic brown acorns and clear round rhinestones.

Materials used for carved cameos are shell including abalone, coral, wood, bone, ivory , agate, chalcedony & carnelian including naturally layered hard stone, small "lava" , and large "lava" and note the variety of colors and, less often, other less well known materials such as Jet, Vulcanite, Bog Oak, mammoth ivory, and prehistoric walrus, etc.

Molded cameos are usually glass of one color, two colors, or swirled colors.

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In the descriptions below, both names are given where appropriate, or mentioned in the description of those particular stones.

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