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While I'm sure the reasons game design related (and ethical, considering the hardships that plague the inhabitants of Tamriel), I wonder if there are any in-game mentions of younger children.Also, when you think about it, we have a lot of different races in Tamriel, and interracial couples aren't uncommon.In 2008, a record 14.6 percent of all new marriages were "interracial or interethnic," according to the Pew report.

"They followed us all the way into our subdivision, down the street where we lived and all the way until we pulled into our driveway.

In 1958, Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter, a white man and black woman, got married in Washington, D. After they returned to their hometown in Caroline County, Va., they were arrested and eventually banished from the state. Virginia overturned "miscegenation" laws in at least 17 states.

Edit: I removed the somewhat "silly" parts that I originally included in the question for fun, since it appears some people didn't appreciate it.

Riding in their blue convertible, random stops by the police were common."The one time that really bothered me was when the police followed us all the way home," recalled Cindy Clark, now in her early 70s.

When they moved to the white neighborhood, the racism was more masked.

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