Fuck local no email required

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Fuck local no email required

✅ If your website is a self-configured, self-hosted Word Press site with a purchased theme and anything up from 5 active plugins, and load time is below 2 seconds, rejoice.

Yes, your website should be fully responsive, ideally “mobile-first”. Render-blocking shit won’t do any harm to your ranking, nor will missing browser caching on Google’s own servers.

Fully responsive, loads in 500 ms, and Google’s shiny shittool tells me my mobile performance is “fair”, bc of render-fucking-blockhead CSS. 🍻 If it is below 1 second, songs will be sung about you.

pic.twitter.com/2Kos NYp Qx J— Caspar Hübinger (@glueckpress) January 14, 2017As customer support rep for a popular Word Press caching plugin (not linked in order to not harm my employer by language used here), I see people losing their shit about not scoring high enough in Google’s Page Speed shit show on a daily basis. If tools like Page Speed Insights or Test my Site with Google required a developer login, so they got used by people who actually know how to read those darn arbitrary, entirely context-lacking results, and still make good use of them. Google has its tool scan your real life problems and generate replies from a pre-defined catalogue of a dozen items you have either succeeded, or failed against. 👑🚫 If load time is above 2 seconds, scroll down the Pingdom page, sort that “File requests” chart by “Load time”, and get ready to deactivate or replace some plugins (or a theme) that may send costly external requests to slow-performing services.

If you answered yes to the first 2 questions, then allow me to enlighten you on the 3rd one. First, if you get your electricity from a municipal electric company, then I cannot confirm if this applies to you.

Did you know your doctor is causing your electric bill to go up?

Our rent pays off their mortgages while they sit on their arses watching the money roll in.

Most recently, we’ve seen the introduction of £9k fees, part of the Tory “austerity” programme.

) here’s a collection of tips and tricks to help you get the most from your player.Zero Fucks Clive now decides, based upon his eviction notice from the landlord that it’s time he moved on to greener pastures…..like, well like anywhere he wants because guess what – He has a medical letter saying he is depressed about being evicted so he can just start new service, never paying the huge bill he has already accrued. So this goes on for years and now Clive owes ,000.Now he’s really depressed because he doesn’t have that kinda scratch.He’s been trying to get over his depression by buying 70″ Samsung LEDs, Iphones, and of course he needed those Beats by Dre to prevent him spiraling further into his depression.So now, all there is left to do is drop off the map.

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They say it is about clearing the deficit – but really it’s about taking money from us and giving it to the rich.

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