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Rwj and meekakitty dating

No doubt there are hundreds of thousands subscribed to both guys because they put out interesting content.

All I'm saying is that there's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition.

A week before, Maker's founder and CEO, Danny Zappin, had resigned, and the company — one of You Tube's most popular networks both in terms of watch time and unique views — seemed like it was in turmoil, largely due to Zappin's erratic behavior.

Time Warner invested million in the company in December.It is a very impressive show, and will hopefully last for a long time. It is constantly bringing new ideas to the table, it doesn't seem to be slowing down.Overall it's a great show, and you should definitely watch it. I'm Going to go watch some more Shane Dawson TV.You have until midnight on July 31 to vote in the poll below and then we’ll narrow it down to the top 16 to vote on going into Vid Con 2013! Of course we included our wonderful hosts, Joey Graceffa, Strawburry17, LDShadowlady, Kian Lawley and Jenn XPenn, as well as plenty of other faves, like Smosh and Miss Glamorazzi. Or, if you don’t happen to see your personal favorite among the list of You Tubers, feel free to add on!

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I've never asked one of them about the other (I don't know either personally) and I haven't seen any comment, good, bad or indifferent, made by either one about the other guy's numbers either.