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Who is dating who on glee in real life

He was laid-back and gentle, she was focused and scrappy (she also happened to be a foot shorter than him). On , when Monteith's affable all-American Finn Hudson fell for Michele's tightly wound Rachel Berry, he suddenly seemed brighter, and she warmer and more human. Though Monteith and Michele were of course not their characters, there was enough obvious overlap that when their offscreen romance began showing up in the tabloids, the Somehow, the seeming improbability of the Monteith/Michele union only added to the sense of communal grief when the actor died in July at age 31, alone in a Vancouver hotel room, of an apparent drug overdose."A lighthouse doesn't save the ships; it doesn't go out and rescue them, it's just this pillar that helps to guide people home," says Michele three months later.

The superpetite 5'3" actress is dressed in track pants and a black T-shirt, her bare feet tucked under her on a patio chair outside by the pool at her modest, airy West Hollywood home. Lately, I've been using it as a guiding metaphor." Exactly what the metaphor stands for isn't immediately clear: Is she the lighthouse? But it seems to be her way of describing what she's searching for, and perhaps what she tried to be for Monteith, before it was too late.

I think anybody can do it because you kind of just say what you want to happen in real life. That's something you genuinely would just say because it's funny."Do people think that you are that ditzy? But we dabbled with it, so..."I loved 'Trouty Mouth'. 'My Cup' and 'Trouty Mouth'."Naya: "The fake ones - the bad fake ones."Heather: "The fake ones that we make up are the good ones that should be famous."Naya: "Put them on the radio!

And Naya had to encounter a swing that wouldn't swing right."Naya: "Oh my God, that was the worst! Heather: "Yeah, that's a good idea."Naya: "That's the one thing that I'm looking forward to hopefully happening in the third season."Heather: "Getting to know everybody's family, seeing their homes, like you saw Finn's and Quinn's."Santana is from the wrong side of the tracks, isn't she? Lima Heights Adjacent."Naya: "Lima Heights Adjacent is where she's from."Heather: "Apparently it's a bad part of town.

"I never thought I would be in this position in my whole life," she continues, both hands wrapped around a mug of tea.

creator Ryan Murphy and his team chose not to explain how Monteith's character, Finn, died, opting instead to bring together members of the glee club, past and present, to mourn through song.

I'm stoked to know what the new writers are actually going to come up with. Heather: "She's all-round entertaining."Naya: "And so sweet, so nice."Do you think Brittany and Artie are completely over now? I think they're really, really simple and great together, but we'll see."Brittany's quite a nice character - do you get a positive reaction when you're out and about, Heather? Naya: "I think she'll just deal with it and then eventually she'll come to a place where she is out. So beautiful."Naya: "I had never heard the song before and when they sent me the demo I was, like, literally weeping in my house. Heather: "It's a little bit weird for us when they do original songs, because we only do songs by artists already, so it seems weird for us.

Cory Monteith and Lea Michele were by some superficial measures an odd couple.

He was the big-hearted Canadian, a relatively late bloomer, by Hollywood standards—she was the born-for-the-stage Jersey-girl striver.

From age 13, he used alcohol and marijuana and started being truant from school.

including alternative programs for troubled teens, Monteith dropped out altogether at age 16.

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first started, but you can't deny that Santana and Brittany are now many people's favourite characters! When you're getting the material you're not thinking in the circumstances, 'What's this going to change? I think so."And Naya, you get some great fight scenes. "Heather: "She couldn't swing on this damn swing."Naya: "I was so upset. "Heather: "She does."Naya: "It's crazy."Do you have any dream songs you'd like to perform? I don't know."Naya: "But the thing is, she also said her father's a doctor. I don't know if she's lying about her father being a doctor.

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