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This is what happened to parents Dillon and Stephanie, who were horrified to find that their 3-year-old son Collin was paralyzed. His parents …Wikimedia Commons Today, we remember the ancient Greeks for their contributions to art, politics, and philosophy.

We tend to see them as solemn people, as devoid of life as the white marble statues they left behind.

Paparazzi lined the red carpet and celebrities from every industry showed off their look for this year’s theme: “Art of the In-Between.” Sarah Paulson was one celebrity who attended the highly publicized event and proved that even stars can get starstruck. With our flat screen TV’s, our touch screen cell phones and even our trendy sunglasses.

We’re so embedded in all these cool new things, we don’t realize it wasn’t always like this.

She travelled to New York City to test with three top New York City photographers and booked The Fashion For Food Fundraiser Fashion Show in St. Sarah was featured in the Premier Orlando hair show for Keratin, Slay the Runway and Boutique to Runway fashion shows and a Belk TV commercial!

Additionally, Sarah booked a photo shoot for Teen Surreal Beauty Magazine.

That was the one thing I couldn't bear, yes I think that romance definitely plays a big role in all movies, but the ones with Maguire only revolved around that, so I just couldn't put up with them.

See more »May Parker:[to Peter] I know you left detention today. I know you sneak out of this house every night and that is not okay. Second off was the fact that this wasn't one of the (whole world is ending, lets save it) clichés.

See more » The movie straight out blew my breath away, yes I'll admit my expectation weren't high, with the 5 other average Spider-man films that came before this, I wasn't expecting anything different then interactions with the avengers.(1).

It’s a fact that throughout the years, everything changes.

Our …Imagine being a parent and walking into your 3-year-old child’s room only to find him unable to move.

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Anyways Homecoming keeps all the action, humour and romance balanced which is all thanks to Jon Watts I truly believe they picked the right director for the 3rd reboot of the Spider-man film.