Michael phelps dating carrie

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Michael phelps dating carrie

Nicole is a model and former beauty queen who received the title of Miss California USA back in 2010. UPDATE: Caroline Pal is Michael Phelps' girlfriend as of November 2008 UPDATE: READ ABOUT MICHAEL PHELPS' BEIJING HOOKUP WITH A FELLOW GOLD MEDAL SWIMMER HERE Plus: Michael Phelps to host Saturday Night Live and write a book In a candid interview via satellite from China, Olympic golden boy Michael Phelps opened up to "Extra's" Dayna Devon about dating, his multi-million dollar payday and Cameron Diaz!“She was just in my hotel room and she said, ‘Sis, I’m not offended by anything that you said.We have two different opinions and I love you because of it.

More » Not only did the party at University of South Carolina cost Michael Phelps the warm, striped love of Tony the Tiger, he lost ,000 playing beer pong. Only your car, first born child or a quick peek at your girlfriend’s breast. I've had people for the last three days texting me and calling me: `Do you know Michael Phelps? "I don't think people realize that when you do an interview, the magazine comes out six months later. The only conversation that ever came up was when we were watching the Olympics and somebody would be, like, `How about that Michael Phelps? ' That was one of those completely, totally, utterly fabricated lies that came out of nowhere. "I swear on everything, on my job, my house, my dog.... "See, this is always a tricky thing," Underwood answers. So I can definitely see where she would be coming from. It was just something that was said in passing, and I would never mean to say anything to hurt anybody or to stir up anything, because I'm just not about drama. I might be mad too," Underwood adds, "if somebody said my boyfriend was calling some other girl.

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